We are very excited to announce that Bay Area tango instructors

Sean and Juliana Dockery

 are teaching weekly classes on Monday nights at 6:30

at the Golden Empire Grange in Grass Valley

(off LaBarr Meadows Rd)


  we will host tango milongas on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Check our Face book page for details or email us at



Suggested attire:
Comfortable cloths that don’t restrict your movement. If you wear a dress be sure that it is short enough that it won’t catch the heel of your shoes and that it has a large enough flare to allow you to take large steps. Shoes with laces or straps are recommended with a sole that allows you to pivot on a hardwood floor. Shoes with sticky rubber soles will be too restrictive and are not recommended. If you don’t have any shoes with slippery bottoms such as suede or leather, a good pair of cotton socks works just fine.


3 Responses to Classes

  1. Roberta Smith says:

    I am curious as to who is teaching the tango classes? thank you, ciao, Roberta

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